Pregnant with a clubfoot baby

Pregnancy should be a breeze, it’s the most natural thing that a woman can do. Right? Really?! Then, help! 

This was my view, pre-pregnant Liss, pushing my body on the regular at gym sessions and running or on the flip side, drinking lots of beer and gin! But that’s nothing in comparison to the miracle growth inside you, and everything else that comes and surprises you before that little baby makes their appearance. 

First trimester – sent to test you physically, mentally and emotionally. The morning sickness, extra toilet stops, broodiness, mood swings and that lovely shade of grey in your skin that only disappears when you look slightly flushed from throwing your guts up in the morning! A real morning work out! It’s a mixture of emotions in these 14 weeks or so, right up until that first dating scan when you realise your baby is doing okay and you get your ‘D-Day’ confirmed. For us, it was June 12th. And waiting for this date was like we were 5 and a half and waiting until our 6th birthday party because jumping on a bouncy castle after jelly and ice cream is the best day of your life! What a great few weeks to look back on. 

Onto the second trimester – when we found out our little baby boy would be born with talipes (clubfoot). Mentally and emotionally, the second trimester was the toughest. I spent hours a day on google trying to find as much information on clubfoot as possible but no matter how much I searched, I was getting told what I needed to hear. I spent some days so far into a google search that I would wake up in the night after nightmares about my parenting skills. What I really needed to be told was that everything was going to be fine and my baby boy would be beautiful! Now for my physical changes, where luckily, I felt fabulous! My once small boobs were finally growing whilst my stomach was still relatively flat and I was still frequently visiting the gym without rushing to the toilet to throw up. I felt on top of the world when I completed a spin class and stood up to reveal my baby bump and when asked how long I had left I would happily reply ‘only 10 weeks to go’ and that feeling lasted for a whole 3 days. When you feel as though you’ve only got 10 weeks to go for about 12 weeks, you definitely start feeling a bit deflated and that’s when the third trimester feels kick in!

Oh, third trimester, how I was glad to say goodbye to you and really miss you all at the same time! Having a lovely round baby bump gives you the confidence you never had to wear those tight dresses and plunging necklines because you look great! Personally, I love to see beautiful mummas to be embracing their fantastic ever changing bodies and showing off their lovely lumps and bumps. It really is something to be proud of, your body goes through so much and you have the opportunity to talk to strangers in public about your excitement towards your upcoming family life. I loved the excitement people felt for you because you felt it too and it’s refreshing to have the positivity surrounding you. It was a breath of fresh air for us especially, because although we were over the moon that we were bringing a life into the world, we also worried about the care and treatment surrounding us and as new parents you want to be as prepared as possible but when even professionals can’t give you a timeline of events, you are left in the dark.

I spent months looking for ‘clubfoot essentials’ and methods that the doctors may use to correct his feet but now it’s here, I don’t think it was much help. In future posts I will truthfully talk about what has helped and what has been a time waster or money waster! 
Please also remember, I am from the UK so Milo’s treatment will be slightly different to other countries – or counties even! 

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