Happy New Year!

A big Happy New Year from all of us, especially Milo! We have been so busy over the Christmas period so I decided to take a small social media break, put pen to paper and plan my 2018 goals.

I spent some time reflecting on my year too. I started 2017 pregnant and sober and watching the London fireworks on television. I remember how odd it felt that I wasn’t drunk and cheering in the New Year with friends or dancing to our favourite band but it was so exciting knowing our baby would be born a few months after. I also only had 15 weeks left at work and it was the best countdown, especially as my bump grew and I had inquisitive pre schoolers asking me all things baby. Maternity leave arrived pretty quickly and in time for the May bank holiday. It should have been a relaxing time but as the days were long and warm, I did anything I could to stay outside. Mostly hanging out with my niece or my friends with kids, because they love to play outside (and so do I). When my due date arrived, so did the hottest days of the year and many trips to the farm shop for ice cream. I was greeted with a lot of “ahhhh, when are you due?” Or “how long have you got left?” At first it was funny when I told them I was due 4 days ago or Monday, last week! I soon got frustrated that Milo wasn’t here yet though and instead of staying close to home in case something happened, I went where I wanted and most of the time I was completely under prepared. Who knew you should carry your maternity notes everywhere?! 12 days over due and my husbands birthday, the day I was getting induced. I decided to take him out for a birthday breakfast, 30 minutes away. We knew Milo wasn’t going to come on his own so we really weren’t worried, although, everyone else was slightly concerned that we were so relaxed about it.

Milo arrived and we have been happier than ever. Although time has passed so quickly since then, we’ve enjoyed every single day together. We had a few bits of bad news last year that have changed small parts of our lives and the way we look at things. Despite this, we remain positive and grateful, even if it’s for five minutes that day.

Positivity is my main focus for the year, and as much as I used to cringe at those “New Year, New Me” posts on social media, I now welcome them because it means somebody has the positive outlook that they need to make improvements to live a happier life and I think we could all do with those kind of people around us.

I’m also going to make an extra special effort to praise people because I often think it, but never say it. So, lady I’ve seen running up the same road for the past 2 years… good job and great improvement!

With only 6 weeks until I go back to work, I will remain positive, prepare for my return and make the most of my coffee and cake dates!

Happy New Year!

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