What I would really like for Mother’s Day

I’m counting down the days for my first mummy celebration,

I’ve got my own special list that I thought up with no hesitation!

You might be surprised to read that shimmery gifts I wanted not,

I’ve thought outside the box and I’m really not asking for a lot!

Now, my little tike can not yet decide how he wants to treat his mum,

I’m happy to wait patiently for that special time to come.

Right now, his dad needs to be kept upon his toes,

Because these requests may shock him at first, but deep down, he knows!

When our baby alarm strikes at six AM,

Up you get, it’s bottle time. You really are a gem!

Breakfast follows after to get us ready for the day,

Not just for him but for us as well, eggs in bed – the best way!

Next up on my list, is something again you can do for free,

A tidy kitchen to walk into, it’s been cleaned and not by me!

This cuts out a chore from my day to make room for fun activities,

A pub lunch and bottle of prosecco to add to the festivities?

When all that is done and it’s time to return back home,

Family time on the sofa would be nice, I don’t want to be alone.

It’s my day after all and I’ve been busy being mum,

So pop some daffodils in a vase and say they’re from our son.

Before I finish my little list of things I have been wishing for,

I’d like you to know that my husband already does this and lots more!

My poem has been purely to entertain those that read it,

And you can get an idea of what us mums ask for, at least a little bit!

Remember this day to celebrate what is done for you,

It’s not just Mums but Aunts and Nans can be thanked too.

Acknowledge those stepping in to be your greatest role model,

Reminisce and appreciate them, and give them a big cuddle!

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