Back to work and the start of normality

It was my first week back at work this week and I was more than ready for the weekend to greet us – and leave in a flash! Day to day, I’ve been tested on my organisational skills, Milo’s dad has had his patience tested and Milo has shown us that he is a super baby, taken everything in his stride and embraced his new routine. Well, it is only week one and I know that children can change their minds with no warning so I’m not going to get too excited about how smoothly we can complete our crazy week. Besides, week two is bound to be chaos! I’m a one man band for the majority of the week and weekend with Milo’s dad being away, so I need to be on my A game. Easier said than done.

What I do know about sending Milo to Nursery is that the staff know their shit! They also know what Chris and I are like as people (and parents) so they double check everything with us to ensure we are on task. After day one, they also know to remind Dad to leave a car key when swapping over vehicles on Nursery pick up; to avoid any more duplicate journeys to and from home/Nursery. Thank god for those lovely nursery nurses!

After a full on week, it’s only natural that mum and dad feel they need a date night and this one was booked in for a few months in anticipation of a crazy maternity to work transition. So it was a big date night! An evening of music by a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons tribute act called Walk Like A Man. As a music lover, I had high expectations and they didn’t disappoint! This wasn’t even the wine talking. I would’ve had the same experience if I was sober! This was definitely the perfect reward for me as a working mum.

The remainder of our weekend followed the same note. Maybe it’s the shorter amount of time spent with loved ones that I’ve treasured, or just a break from chaos. Whatever the reason, I like it. This new routine. I’ve even started to meal plan (and stick to it, most of the time). Cue fitness progression bragging rights – if I ever get there!

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you feel as though you’ve survived a very wintery week in March!

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