About Our Family

Here we have it, a blog for Milo! Our first born, bundle of joy with special little feet. Happy feet!

Milo was born with a common condition which used to be known as ‘clubfoot’. Now you will hear it being referred to as ‘talipes’. Milo has bilateral congenital talipes equinovarus. A big phrase which simply means, Milo has a deformity in both of his feet which was present during pregnancy and his feet turn inwards at the ankle. This also meant that as parents, we would look at other babies with their straight feet and think they looked very peculiar!

So, mum and dad (Chris and Liss) decided to start up a blog to document Milo’s progress in correcting his feet and also a few extra things along the way. Mainly post pregnancy fitness because when weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is documented, you kinda feel obliged to keep it up or do the very British thing and feel as though you are disappointing the whole world (or your dedicated 2 followers)!

So read, enjoy and educate yourself because although talipes is quite common, it’s still a mystery to some and our stories may just help you with your own journeys.

Liss, Chris and Milo