Girl Power! For International Women’s Day

It’s true. Girl power is a thing! I definitely feel that females are building each other up, complimenting and sticking by each other and appreciating what we bring to society. Whether it’s Kim Kardashian, Theresa May or Emma Gonzalez, we love to see women succeed and thrive. So we should! We’ve had women in the past work extremely hard for gender equality, support and the honour to just be taken seriously, and this should be etched in our minds so that we are eternally grateful for the opportunities we now have, with thanks to those historic events.

Feminism to me, is based around gender equality. Women being given the same opportunities as men, being listened to because of their views and not because they look good and sister solidarity. I’m not extreme in my views because historically, feminists did just want equal opportunities for men and women. I believe this happens but there is still a long way to go on some areas of society.

I’m aware my feminist views are very vague and I could quite easily be sitting on the fence when it comes to opinions here. However, I do feel strongly about extreme feminists and how they can make it very hard for men, businesses and the media to say and do anything that favour males. Men definitely get given a hard time these days. If men are succeeding too quickly or before their female colleagues, then it needs to be investigated because this is clearly not fair. It’s favouring males, the pay gap is worsening, they start to feel they have more power over women and they are given far more opportunities than us females. And so it continues. You get the picture. If a woman succeeds quicker than her male colleagues, what happens? What is the reaction? She is fantastic, a role model, deserving of such rewards. A strong, powerful individual who we should enforce as a role model for our daughters. The support for the woman here is amazing and so true but it should be equal to the male colleague too. He most probably works hard and deserves the promotion too. Yes, it’s easier for men sometimes because it is less likely that they have distractions from childcare and pregnancy and maternity leave. But it’s easier for women in other areas too. Women talk about their emotions a lot easier than men (on the most part) so are more likely to request time off for their well being.

Moving on from feminists and the feminism debacle, my message on international women’s day…

Send love to the ladies in your life. Appreciate all that they do and bring to society. Build your sisters up and help them succeed. Shout out to those women you see trying their hardest and be their rock when you’re needed. You come across so much negativity in your life, and not liking someone because their hair is in better condition than yours seems a little silly. Make a challenge for yourself and give out compliments to strangers today, and everyday. It makes people feel good and without beating around the bush, you will feel good for it too. So give it a go! I’ll let you know how I get on.